No, You Don’t Have to Date a Trans Person

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I Get it … I’m Not Sure About Dating a Transguy Either

One of the arguments I keep running into against transgender people is that cisgender people don’t want to feel pressured into dating us. They feel backed into a corner, if they reject a transgender person, they are labeled transphobic. What I want cisgender people to know is that, no you don’t have to date a transgender person if you really don’t want to. No decent human being is going to want to date someone who feels forced or obligated to date them.

It’s Not Just About Genital Preference

Most people are smart enough to know that there are many ways two people can enjoy each other sexually. I think when confronted with the possibility, a lot of people who reject the idea of dating trans people, are reacting to more than just genital preferences.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Date Anyone You Don’t Want

This should go without saying, but no one should feel obligated to date someone for any reason. I know, binary trans people want to be viewed and treated as the gender they identify with. Because of this, some trans people feel that if someone is attracted to men, they should include transgender men within the circle of who they are attracted to.

There are Bigger Concerns

I know there are some more radical factions within every community, even within the transgender community. Some are quick to label someone transphobic for declaring that they’d never date a transgender person. However, I don’t think it’s always from a place of hatred or prejudice.

Transgender writer and author. I primarily write on LGBTQ issues, with a focus on the transgender community.

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