No, I am not suggesting that, although some transgender people who don’t experience gender dysphoria may choose not to pursue medical transition.

I did medically transition, despite my lack of gender dysphoria. However, I am privileged to have excellent health insurance, which has paid for most of it. I also didn’t suffer any emotional toll from medical transition. Quite the opposite. It has given me a sense of gender euphoria.

Keep in mind, not every transgender person, regardless of their level of dysphoria, chooses to medically transition. For those who do move forward, some only choose to take hormones and forgo surgery, or only choose limited surgical options.

For myself, I am on hormones and had two surgeries: hysterectomy and double incision breast removal with male breast reconstruction and free nipple grafts. I have no plans for other surgeries.

Transgender writer and author. I primarily write on LGBTQ issues, with a focus on the transgender community.

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