Jessica Yaniv Does Not Represent the Transgender Community

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Who is Jessica Yaniv?

Jessica Yaniv is a Canadian who identifies as a transgender woman. She came to the public consciousness when she began filing lawsuits in Vancouver against estheticians who refused to provide Brazilian waxing services. Yaniv is a pre-op transwoman and still retains her biological genitals. She claims discrimination, while the estheticians claim they were both uncomfortable to provide the service and unequipped to do so on her genitalia.

My Concerns About Jessica Yaniv

Based on everything I’ve read and a few interviews I’ve seen with Yaniv, I personally have a number of concerns about her. She must be aware of how she’s making the transgender community look, after all the interviews she’s given. Yaniv has been told point-blank how she’s making us look. The fact she defends her predatory behavior and has made absolutely no indication she will ever change is further cause for concern.

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