Jessica Yaniv Does Not Represent the Transgender Community

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Jessica Yaniv is a self-proclaimed transgender rights activist, or TRA. However, until recently I had never heard of her. When I did start hearing about her, controversy was already swirling.

Who is Jessica Yaniv?

Jessica Yaniv is a Canadian who identifies as a transgender woman. She came to the public consciousness when she began filing lawsuits in Vancouver against estheticians who refused to provide Brazilian waxing services. Yaniv is a pre-op transwoman and still retains her biological genitals. She claims discrimination, while the estheticians claim they were both uncomfortable to provide the service and unequipped to do so on her genitalia.

On October 22, 2019, a Canadian court ruled against Yaniv, concluding that she was filing fraudulent lawsuits as a means of extortion. She has been ordered to pay $6,000 to three of the estheticians she targeted.

In addition to this controversy, she has been accused of being a pedophile. Yaniv has sent predatory messages to underage girls, tried to organize a topless pool party for tweens without parental supervision, and even took photos of herself in women’s bathrooms, with young girls in the photos behind her.

My Concerns About Jessica Yaniv

Based on everything I’ve read and a few interviews I’ve seen with Yaniv, I personally have a number of concerns about her. She must be aware of how she’s making the transgender community look, after all the interviews she’s given. Yaniv has been told point-blank how she’s making us look. The fact she defends her predatory behavior and has made absolutely no indication she will ever change is further cause for concern.

This leads me to question her motives. I usually don’t question someone’s gender identity, but in this case, I do wonder if she is actually transgender. She could be a cross-dressing fetishist who is only claiming to be trans as a way to gain sympathy. That alone wouldn’t concern me because I don’t kink-shame and I see nothing wrong with consenting adults pursuing their fetish fantasies. However, since Yaniv has been displaying predatory behavior toward minors, that makes the possibility far more problematic.

The other possibility that has crossed my mind is that she’s not only not transgender but also transphobic. She could be putting on this elaborate display as a means to try to discredit the transgender community, by pretending to be the very predator in the bathrooms that conservatives have been warning the public about.

Regardless of what her actual intentions are, she’s certainly someone we need to keep a close eye on, even as the transgender community continues to condemn her actions. We cannot allow her to be viewed as a voice for our community.

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