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My transition journey as a middle-aged transgender man

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You can’t look up information on transgender people these days without coming across stories from those who have detransitioned. These are people who at one time identified as transgender, began their medical transition, and for a variety of reasons decided to stop moving forward with their transition.

At first, I came out as genderqueer in 2017 at the age of forty-five, which is when I began my transition journey. I started by socially transitioning and going to therapy. …

Prejudice against marginalized groups is not a point-of-view

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This year has shown us the deep divide between people that we still need to overcome. Racism is still rampant and rearing its ugly head all over the world, especially in the United States. Misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia are equally on display.

Too often I’ve had people tell me I should look past others’ difference of opinion and not call people out on their bigotry. They expect me to continue to associate with people who either are or openly support prejudiced bigots because of some other merits they might possess.

Human rights are not open for debate

Opinions are for whether pineapples go on pizza. (In my opinion, pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza). In all seriousness, opinions are for debating diverse topics, from literature to economic policy. …

Avoid these common mistakes

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It is always uplifting to see allies stand up and defend transgender people, both online and off. While I know they mean well, many make these common mistakes. Here are some tips to help you better support the transgender community.

Don’t dread offending us

Yes, there may be times you say or ask something that may offend a transgender person. However, it impedes communication if you flinch anytime you want to ask a transgender person anything. Most of us are reasonable people and as long as what you’re asking isn’t offensive in polite company, then go ahead and ask.

I know many transgender people don’t want to be seen as encyclopedias, but I also know that a lot of information about transgender people online is confusing or downright conflicting. Sometimes the best way to clear up something is to ask us. …


G. L. Balend

Transgender writer and author. Posting weekly on a variety of LGBTQ and health related topics. http://glbalend.com/

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